Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Him and Her

To him, she was never that important...
To her, he was the whole world...

To him, she's just another person...
To her, he was the shining light in darkness...

To him, she doesn't matter much...
To her, every single breath matters...

To him, she does not even exist...
To her, he's the irreplaceable person in life...

Just bored outta my mind ANP Azri going to sleep...ZzZzZ~

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Liverpool Vs Reading

For all ye Liverpool fans out there Good news! Last night Liverpool went up against Reading and they won 2 - 1. I never doubted that Liverpool would lose in any way, although when Reading scored it was quite a tense moment there, it was a sigh of relief when Dirk Kuyt headed in the second goal for Liverpool assisted by Jermaine Pennant. In all I think they played alright, I do think though that Sissoko could have performed better he kept making silly mistakes. I told my friend in the first half if he keeps this up he's gonna get a yellow card, lo n behold in the second half he did receive the yellow card. He needs a bit more of team play and frequent games to get into tempo with the team again hopefully he'll perform better in the next matches he plays in, I also hope Aurelio recovers and is able to play soon.

Liverpool Vs Reading
15' A Arbeloa 47' B Gunnarsson
86' D Kuyt

Fantastic match Livvie, this is ANP Azri walking out to have some fresh air

Friday, April 6, 2007


Did you notice the big banner I've got at the top?

Yeap I'm now a promoter of AnimeYume, I'm promoting them cos it is an amazing site. Its got tons of information on anime and they have a vast range of anime titles. I'd recommend you to go to AnimeYume and browse around. It is a must have bookmark for anime lovers, you will not be dissapointed I tell ya, give em a try aight!

Out of Paper need to go and buy some, This is ANP Azri going out to the convenience store.

A New Semester!

Its me again, yeah I know I'm just a nobody but that is just fine with me. Well my main point fer today is that I'm gonna be starting my new semester! Yaaay! actually it already started but that doesn't matter right....and why you ask I'm telling you this, it means that I won't be updating often yeah I know what you're thinking who the hell cares right. I care and that is all that matters, in a couple of weeks I hope to make my blog a place where everyone will visit, who knows a dream might only just be a dream but even a sliver of hope is enough to make a person achieve their dream...

Nuthin else to say this is ANP Azri driving off into the sunset

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

That's The Way!!!

Yeah!!!! For all Liverpool fans out there three cheers for the merseyside boys!

Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!

They did an excellent job of beatin PSV Eindhoven last night at the Champions League, three wonderful goals scored by Steven Gerrard the skipper, John Arne Riise the hardman and the rising striker not to mention tall Peter Crouch!

I think they didn't play too well considering on how they could've improved a lot better but they did manage to score three spectacular goals and that is what counts. PSV Eindhoven fans maybe it just wasn't your night, they played well too but after the first goal was scored they started to make mistakes, the first goal gave a large impact on the players and that was what led to their downfall.

In the end it was a fabulous match, only concern is Fabio Aurelio. He injured himself while holding the ball, I think it was his achilles heel that he snapped or something. Well I hope he recovers quickly coz Liverpool is on Fire! Maybe not in the premiership but in Europe they have a chance for a trophy!

Well I'm out of news so this is ANP Azri running away from the swarm of bees AaaaRgH!

ANP Azri makes his blog at blogspot

ANP Azri is in blogspot at last wheeeee! Quite a coincidence really saw my friend do his blog at blogsopt and I decided to join in the fun as well! I understand that having a blog is like having a big responsibility on my shoulders but I don't care about responsibility. I just want to write whatever I want and whenever I want.

So as this is me first post I'm going to savour you guys with a little composition I made the other day...

A look into the mind of a thief...

The blue sky darkens as he steps out from the shadows. A shield on one arm and a blade on another. He looks around his face contorted in a way that makes him look evil. He opens a scroll and throws it on the ground, the scroll ignites and burns causing a black smoke to momentarily engulfing him in darkness. As the smoke disappears with the blowing wind, a monstrous blue wolf with a blind eye and sharp fangs greeted the man.

The man looked at the wolf and threw raw meat to it, the wolf graciously accepted it. The man opened up another scroll holding it aspread in his hands. A small puff of smoke and a squirrel appeared before him. The squirrel jumped on the man's shoulder, and groomed itself. The man smiled, yet he still holds one more scroll in his hand. He gently put down the scroll on the ground and walked away. As he walked away from the scroll,an explosion occured and a sound of a bull could be heard behind him. The man was now ready. Ready for a job that he was quite familiar with.

He walked slowly making sure that no one had noticed him. Now and then a couple of shadow people appeared and he easily killed them out of boredom. From afar he could see a caravan, three traders and two hunters. He scouted their armor and their weapons, weaklings he thought to himself. Mere weaklings not worth the effort or the energy. Just as he was about to walk away, fifteen shadow men appeared around the traders and began to attack them. The man smiled a crooked smile and began to descend upon them.

The man moved with the shadows making sure that his cargo was safe as well as making sure that the traders and the hunters have not yet noticed him. He bided his time and awaited for an opening, on the next shadow men's attack he would make his move. He waited and waited and at last his plan had begun and he moved as swiftly as the wind...

Original content by Lord_Bezita

Well how was that! Hope you guys liked it I wrote it out of me own lil head. For those of you who don't understand what it is about, let me tell ya! I based this story from an online game called Silkroad Online, I used to play the game but not at this time got bored. Well the game is mostly influenced by korean and chinese culture as the creators are korean. Its a good game to waste some time on and if you do decide to play, play on Athens server its da bomb! and oh not to mention the game is free for life so you have absolutely nothing to lose just your time.

Well I got nothing to say anymore so this is me ANP Azri going out